When the site takes much time to load, it will affect not only owners also for visitors. When visitors will be dissatisfied with the site, it may lead to them will go to other sites. So to speed up the website is very very important. Activating CDN is one of the steps for boosting your website. Cloudflare is one of the Content delivery network (CDN) provider that makes your website faster. So here we are discussing how to boost site performance with Cloudflare.

In the Cloudflare menu bar, there is an option named speed. Under this menu click the optimization bar. Here we want to enable some options.

  • Auto minify: This will remove all needless characters from HTML, javascript, and CSS files. It removes only from cached content. So it will help to reduce file size. And make the website load faster. For activating this make tick on the checkbox. Then purge the Cloudflare cache to see the effect of any minification change.
  • Enable Brotil, it will compress the content and accelerate website performance.
  • Enable rocket loader, it helps to quick loading of texts and images etc. It more helpful  for javascript sites.
  • Enable polish, it helps to optimize images hosted in your site. But this option available only in pro plan.
  • Enable railgun ,it is useful for caching dynamic content of the site. And this also availble in business plan.
  • Enable mirage option, it analyzes your site visitor's connection and device type to automatically resize images on your site using JavaScript. So a visitor on a poor connection will get a smaller version at a lower resolution until they can access a higher bandwidth connection.

Caching is the one of the good method for boosting website performance.                   In Cloudflare menu bar we can see this option, here we can manage caching settings.

  • Caching level, Determine how much of your website’s static content you want Cloudflare to cache. Increased caching can speed up page load time.
  • Browser Cache TTL, here we can determine how long the cache content exist in the visitors browser.
  • And next option is always online, this will help when the original server is down. When server is down then cloudflare will serve your website’s static pages from their cache.
  • But in caching menu there is no option to  cache everything . For this use page rules, that can also cache not only static files.

And the at last we want to setup load balancer. It reduce latency and improve availability by distributing web traffic across your cloud servers based on availability and geographic distance. Let's look on how it set it up.

  • For setting load balancer go to traffic-load balancing section.
  • We can only use this service after activating this plan. After activating this service we can see the page like the below image.
  • Then click create load balancer.  Give hostname and enable session affinity if you want. Then click next.
  • Then add create and set load balancing servers in this section
  • You can create servers by clicking add pool button.                                                     - pool name : give any name of your server                                                                    -origin address: give ip or host name of the server
  • Follow same steps for adding other servers. Then save it.
  • After adding all servers . Then click next to continue.
  • Then we can monitor our pools by attaching health check to pools. Click Attach Health Check and then Create a Health Check.
  • Click Next to attach the new health check to your primary pool.
  • Next configure health check                                                                                              - The Health Threshold defines the number of healthy origin servers                   required to consider the pool healthy.                                                                         - Use the Health Check Regions field to specify geographic regions from            which Cloudflare should send health check requests.                                               - Notification email field : Enter email address to receive notification.
  • Then click save. Follow the same steps for adding health checks to next servers. Click Next to configure Geo Routing.
  • Use Geo Routing to configure traffic policies and failover priority by geographic region. This is extremely useful when you want site visitors to access the origin server closest to them, which improves page-loading performance.
  • Then click next to review .In this section shows summery of your load balancer settings.
  • Once you viewed and approve this settings then click save and deploy button.      Then immediately start your load balancer.

Hope this page will help to improve your site performance.