Email is a important factor for business. In today’s world, your business email is as important as the office address; an address that is associated with your business name. Is it possible to get business email free!!!. Yes, you can get business email account with zoho. Zoho have a free plan for their users. Zoho Mail is a secure and reliable business email solution tailor-made for your organization's communication needs

Lets check how we can get free business email account. For this you need a domain, you can purchase domain from Godaddy or any domain providers.

Here i am using a  sub domain called, you can  choose main domain.

Log in to  and choose free plan

Then enter your business domain, here i am using my subdomain, you can enter your business domain details and add

Zoho signup

Then, Fill your registration details, also specify the admin account and password and proceed ,after you want to do a OTP verification.

verify your details and signup

Next step, you need to verify your domain, for this update the TXT record in your DNS.

After verify domain, you need to create a admin account, here i am giving test, you can use your own name.

Then you will be prompted to a window for user adding ,here you can add your additional account, i am skipping this,

Another is one of the important steps, you need to update your mx records, that designates your receiving server.

After this step we need to verify email authentication mechanisms, which is spf and dkim, which you want to update in your DNS.

yep, congratulations you are finished

now you you can login to your email account and use, if you want additional email account, you can add it from your admin account.


Here we created a free business email account with Zoho.