step 1 : create azure storage account and container
login to

then storage account  and create

Review and create

then create a container

then login to your server  and install azure cli

sudo rpm --import

sudo sh -c 'echo -e "[azure-cli]
name=Azure CLI
gpgkey=" > /etc/yum.repos.d/azure-cli.repo'

sudo yum install azure-cli  -y

az login

now we have access to azure blob from our server.

go to access keys and take account name and key

login to server

yum install nano -y

nano and paste script

#replace account-name and access-key

export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY=sJt9ZjjHWFzhnu+KqlReY/08/ANcRdF5qNSRRi23Yqq8DxrA8FozL7lED/qg2nRy/OWtypPC3PyEG1P/U9JNrA==

#replace your accountname,containername,source folder
az storage blob directory upload -c test --account-name bluecas -s "/root/prabin/*" -d backup --recursive


chmod  +x


install the extension

script is working now

then set a cronjob to run the script after cpanel backup generated and remove the local backup after moved data to blob

download and install azure explorer to manage backups.

Azure Storage Explorer – cloud storage management | Microsoft Azure
Easily manage your Azure storage accounts in the cloud, from Windows, macOS, or Linux, using Azure Storage Explorer.

thats all.