WordPress site migration can be done with different methods.

They are:

  1. Manual.
  2. Using WordPress plugin.
  3. Using third party tools.

1. Manual method

Manual migration includes transferring files and databases, and editing the wp-config.php file. This can be done with the help of file manager on your control panel.

Backing up WordPress files and database

  1. Compress the WordPress site file and download it.
  2. Then upload it to the file manager of new cPanel account and then extract it.
  3. Access the phpMyAdmin (the site to be migrated)  from your control panel.
  4. Select the database where you store your WordPress files and press the Export button.

5. Click on Quick Export option and select SQL format.

The database file will be downloaded...

MySQL database uploading

The next step is to upload the database backup file that you’ve downloaded to new cPanel account.

  1. Open Control panel and select MySQL Databases and then create new database.

      Note down the database name, username, and password.

2.  Then Click on Databases -> phpMyAdmin and then select the new database       that is created.

3. Click on import -> Choose file  and then select the downloaded database              backup file.

Update wp-config file

Next step is to edit wp-config.php file with the credential of the new database.

  1. Locate the wp-config file and right click to edit it.

2. Change values of below attributes with new database details.

  • DB_NAME – database name.
  • DB_USER – database username.
  • DB_PASSWORD – user password.
  • DB_HOST – database hostname (usually localhost ).

Update URLs (Optional)

This step is optional only if you are planning to migrate the site to a new domain.

Access the phpMyAdmin page and select the wp_options table and then:

  1. Locate site url and home under the column option_name.
  2. Replace the old domain with the new one.
  3. Access the WordPress Dashboard and then install and activate the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin.
  4. Click on Tools -> Update URLs. Fill the fields with the old domain and new domain, and check all the boxes.

5. Press Update URLs NOW.

2. Utilizing a cloning plugin

There are so many plugins available. For demonstration here we are using All-in-One WP Migration.

Before we continue, make sure you have WordPress installed on your new hosting account, and the plugin is activated on both the old and new accounts. Once you’re done, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the admin dashboard of the site you’re transferring and head over to Tools -> Export.
  2. Select All content.

3. Click on Downlod Export file.

4. Open the dashboard of your new site and select Import under the Tools menu. And click on Run Importer

5. Upload the  files you’ve exported.

6. The final step of using the plugin is to re-save your permalink structure. You         need to change the structure twice as it will regenerate your .htaccess file:

i. From the sidebar menu, select Settings -> Permalinks.

ii. Choose a new structure and press Save Changes. If you’re using a     Custom Structure, make sure to copy it first.

iii. Reload to the Permalinks settings page and select your original                         structure. Hit Save Changes once you’re done.


WordPress site migration can be also done using some sites. Examples include hostinger.in, WordPress.com etc. Hope this article helps you to understand migration of your WordPress site.